What are clients are saying about our services.


My session with Diana was transformative. She is a talented and intuitive practitioner

When I first visited Diana I was in a lot of grief and had been recently diagnosed with PTSD. Due to this, I had a lot of trouble staying present and was very much wrapped up in dark thoughts that accompany loss. My body had become chronically tense from head to toe and I was having trouble sleeping. A lot of issues for one energy healer to contend with!

My session with Diana was transformative. As a talented and intuitive practitioner, I did not have to explain very much to Diana as she was able to sense where my energy had become “stuck.” The treatment was incredibly soothing, allowing my body an opportunity to fully relax for the first time in weeks. The treatment was very helpful and I was grateful for Diana’s assistance in my healing process.

~ Sarah ~

Each session, I leave feeling relaxed, revived and happy.

I have been receiving Reiki therapy sessions from Diana Johnson for awhile now. She is sincere, polite, experienced, capable and very approachable. I come to see her every 2 to 4 weeks and each session she helps to improve my health, so that I may have a better quality of life. Each session, I leave feeling relaxed, revived and happy. I always look forward to seeing her and receiving the best of care. I would highly recommend her as a Reiki Master and Healer.

~ Colleen Westlake ~

Kathlyn has given such a successful introduction to counselling to my son and I feel that throughout his life, he won’t be afraid to seek help.

When my son was 9 years old, he started suffering from anxiety. He would throw up on the way to grade 4 everyday. We determined that nothing bad was happening at school, in fact he was fine as soon as class started and happy by the end of the day but we couldn’t let this go on. My son learned coping tools that we all could use and he will probably benefit from for life.

Fast forward to 2020. My now 15 year old comes to me during quarantine to ask if he can talk to someone. Not surprisingly he is feeling depressed with everything going on. I feel that his past experience with counselling has led him to be more self aware. I realize that sometimes you need an outside person to talk to (not mom) so we once again contact Kathlyn. My son went every 2 weeks for a couple months. I have seen a huge difference in his mood and his overall frame of mind. I know that Kathlyn won’t work forever but as long as she does, my son and I will take comfort in knowing that she is there when we need her. I am so grateful that Kathlyn has given such a successful introduction to counselling to my son and I feel that throughout his life, he won’t be afraid to seek help.

~ Briar ~

Extremely healing and nurturing

Dorjee is a gifted, thoughtful, compassionate therapist. She has paid great attention to the massage space, the soft lighting, the ambience, very gentle quiet music; she also offers to change or stop the music if you so prefer. The massage space was very healing and inviting so I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. Dorjee is extremely kind, and it is clear that her inner strength, training, and positive self regard inform every aspect of her therapy; her confidence combined with gentleness are very uplifting. At the outset of the massage she offers whispered guidance to help you relax body and mind. Her words are few and very well placed. Her hands seem to naturally go to places of held pain, tightness or trauma. I left the appointment feeling like I had released an ancient burden, and felt as light as a feather, my aching back muscles completely decompressed. I am very grateful to have had a massage with Dorjee and hope to return soon.

~ Maria ~

kathlyn went the extra mile to support me in many significant ways

A dear friend recommended Kathlyn to me back in 2011, after having great success working on some difficult trauma history. I knew I needed a really smart counsellor to help me so I booked my first session. That was the beginning of a truly essential working relationship that has really improved my quality of life. I’ve been working with Kathlyn for 9 years, and I recommend her to all my friends. She is deeply compassionate, very smart, wise yet youthful, and has amazing intuition that is often uncanny. She is consistently present and grounded for every session, listening with genuine love and guiding me when I feel like I’m lost or stuck. Even when I was gravely ill and unsure whether I would survive, Kathlyn continued to see the real me beneath my pain and grief, and her belief in my ability to heal saw me through to eventual recovery. She went the extra mile to support me in many significant ways, as well as helping my spouse. We are both very grateful for Kathlyn’s outstanding skills as a counsellor and feel lucky to know such a kind and caring woman.

~ Caroline ~

Dorjee skillfully helped me enter a meditative state & talked me through my fears

Dorjee helped me address some nervousness I had about entering Tibetan lessons. As a native English speaker, I was apprehensive how to learn a script alphabet for the first time and pronounce basic words well enough to be conversational. Dorjee meticulously prepared the room with soft lighting, candles, flowing water and music of nature sounds for a completely relaxing ambiance. Then Dorjee skillfully helped me to enter a meditative state wherein she quietly talked me through my fears and associated doubts. It was a rather dreamy session with varying penetrative recorded sounds that energetically helped to deepen the meditation. During the program, I was aware of my surroundings and fully capable of carrying on an easy dialogue with her. At the end, Dorjee led me out of meditation where I felt refreshed and calm, no longer anxious about my upcoming classes.

~ Cindy ~

When we can’t figure something out we all look at each other and say “let’s go talk to Kathlyn”

We are both confident (enchanted) in Kathlyn’s incredible ability to maintain a high level of compassion and empathy in every session. She truly cares about people and is very easy to talk with. After every session there is always a sense of empowerment and/or relief for each person that comes to visit. Her office is a comfortable “homey“ place that reflects your personality and locks in the value of your session. Specifically we, as a family, have overcome many challenges. Kathlyn is a large part of our support system as we work through our issues; by maintaining her aforementioned traits of compassion and empathy, and empowering us with her counseling magic.

~ Alex & Jenn ~

We would not be the same without Kathlyn’s guidance

Kathlyn has been our family’s counsellor for about 5 years now and she has seen us through some tough parenting years and marriage issues. Also, she has seen each one of our kids individually and helped them navigate some difficult teen times. Our older daughter has anxiety, and Kathlyn has aided her in understanding herself and has made her transition to adulthood smoother. Both our boys have ADHD/Executive Function Disorder. Her skills as a counsellor have been able to help both our boys have a better grasp of their challenges, and thus succeed in school and life. She understands all of us individually, and is able to help us all communicate together and keep harmony in our home. She is excellent at drawing people out, and is kind, personable and empathetic. We would not be the same without her guidance.

~ Tara and Craig  ~

When I first met Kathlyn, I didn’t have the will to live

I was desperate & I thought I was going to go crazy. All I could think about was ending my life I had no hope. I believe that because of her love, compassion and her professional guidance, I have been able to make any progress in my life. Kathlyn was not the first counselor that saw me, I had seen four different people before her, but she was the first one who actually took the time to help me. Kathlyn has become more than a counselor to me, she has become my trusted friend. I will never be able to explain the gratitude that I have in my heart for what you have done for me.

~ Ferni ~

I don’t see my counsellor, I see a women who has saved my life.

I have been seeing kathlyn since I was about 8 years old, I’m now 21. Kathlyn has watched me grow up from a young child to a grown adult. She has seen me walk through some of the most challenging parts in my life, some of them I overcame, others I’m still struggling with. When I was 8 years old, I had already gone through two counsellors, I was in a dark place and I didn’t think I would find anyone who understood me, but then we found kathlyn. She didn’t pressure me into telling her what was wrong in my life, she took her time, she asked me questions about who I am and what I liked to do. She opened up her doors and made me feel comfortable. I thought after a while that she would end up like the other two counsellors and she would leave too, however, she didn’t. At the time, I was struggling with abandonment issues and trust issues, amongst other things. I was scared she was going to leave just to everyone else did, but she didn’t. She has watched me grow up and achieve things in my life that I didn’t think I would, for example, graduating highschool or getting a job. When I have my panic attacks, or I’m thinking of ending it all, Kathlyn is the first person I think of. She brings comfort and security that I have been searching for my whole life. She brings a tenderness love and happiness into my life that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to have or feel. Whenever I leave a session with her, I usually look behind me and see Kathlyn standing there smiling at me waving me goodbye. I don’t see my counsellor, I see a women who has saved my life. I see someone cheering me on no matter what. I see a women who has brought peace and love and security into my life. I never imagined that when I walked into that room when I was just 8 years old, the women with the clipboard would become one of the most important people in my life to this very day. She has truly saved my life.

~ Maddy ~

Kathlyn is a person I could trust to not judge

I have been a registered psychiatric nurse for 30 years and received a traumatic injury. I have seen Kathlyn for almost a year now to assist with my recovery. I found on my first interaction that Kathyln was a genuine real person that was not only extremely well versed in her field of practice, but in my opinion, was way ahead of her field and also very respectful of my experience as a RPN. In Kathlyn I found a person I could trust to not judge and know that she would give 100% honest feedback at all times. Kathlyn is truly a warm caring person that works extremely hard to help unravel the wreckage of our past and present. I would recommend Kathlyn to anyone that I know, and I have done so. In my opinion Kathlyn is a Rock Star in her profession.

~ Brad ~