We help people transform their lives to achieve greater fulfillment, health & well-being.
Your vitality is our priority!

Transform your health, transform your life.

Our practitioners view health as wellness of the whole being—mind, body and spirit. Our mission is to guide people through the challenging and profound pathways of life. We strive to educate, empower and inspire people to restore their vitality by supporting them through the healing process. We offer a range of services:


Safe, confidential, and non-judgmental professional care for individuals, couples, and families.

Addictions Counselling

Providing the necessary support system for individuals recovering from addiction and other behavioral issues.

Holistic Nutrition

A complete, natural approach to health, from choosing the right foods for your body to healthy lifestyle practices to learning mindfulness and so much more.

Clinical Hypnosis

With your conscious mind free from distraction and worry, we guide the powerful and effective changes you want within the workings of your subconscious mind.

Life Coaching

Helping individuals to focus on their present life, making any necessary adjustments to help you move forward with realizing positive goals in your personal and/or professional life.

Massage Therapy

Rejuvenating therapy to relieve pain, rehabilitate injury, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness.


This pressure point therapy restores the flow of your body’s life energy by resolving any blockages or disruption.


Acupuncture is a traditional method of health and healing that focuses on stimulation of the nervous system to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities. Specific therapies are available for individuals aspiring to feel good, look good, and live long.


Crystal Therapy & Reiki

Energy based modalities that work in synergy to aid the body to re-balance, facilitate the movement of stuck or stale energy, channel positive energy and optimize your own natural healing ability and processes.

The Vitality Clinic – A Hub for Healing.

Our practitioners believe that a collaborative, cohesive and complementary group can do more than its best individual member – providing a better service to our clients by working together toward a common goal of increased health and wellness. With extensive expertise in diverse but related specialties, we are able to meet a wide variety of client needs, all in one location!

We also believe that healing begins the moment you enter our space. Our clinic was professionally designed to offer a welcoming environment for you to feel instantly at ease and reassured.

Our Practitioners

The Vitality Clinic is comprised of a comprehensive professional team of highly respected independent private practitioners with extensive expertise. We work with individuals of all ages, couples, families, and groups.

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Kathlyn McHugh, RCC, RSW

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Social Worker

My practice is built on a solid foundation of professional experiences, training and relationships. I have had the honour of directly working with people from across the lifespan and in a variety of settings. This includes extensive experience working with children, youth, adults, couples, and families.

One of the primary goals of professional counselling is to facilitate change. This begins with deep listening and empathic inquiry in a safe and non-judgmental environment. By employing effective clinical practice skills, counselling can bring deeper insight and awareness, better ways of coping and solving problems, and improved relationships and connection with the self.

Call 250.896.1704 Or Book an appointment online.

My approach

My clients’ wellness is of the utmost importance to me. In addition to clinical counselling, I believe one of my roles is to help clients integrate holistic mind-body strategies. These might include mindfulness, meditation, visualization, movement/yoga, somatic awareness, and inquiry.

I believe that nature and creativity, including art, music, play, and humour are examples of vital resources that are necessary for fulfilled, balanced, and joyful lives. I have found that clients connected to their resources are Resilient, Authentic, Healthy, and Happy.

We are surrounded by a host of natural resources that can facilitate and maintain healthy change; our personal relationships and even our own bodies are often untapped resources that can help us live full, meaningful lives.

My services

I offer a wide variety of counselling options to meet your needs including:

  • Convenient Telephone Counselling and Consultations
  • Wellness Plans (ex. stress, grief, work/life balance)
  • Treatment Plans (ex. Anxiety, depression, trauma)
  • Strategic Parenting Plans (ex. parenting, family, separation/divorce)
  • Intimacy Builders (ex. relationships, couples)
  • Conflict Resolution (ex. personal, professional, couples/families)
  • Life Transitions
  • Conflict and Crisis Management
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Wellness and Fully Embodied Living

All of these many services are designed around you. Your needs and well-being are of the utmost importance to me, your professional counsellor.

My credentials

I am a highly qualified clinical counsellor and registered social worker with years of education and experience that enable me to work with clients from across the lifespan.

  • Bachelor of Social Work (UVIC) and Masters in Counselling Psychology (UVIC)
  • Registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (RCC with BCACC #2415) and Registered with the BC College of Social Workers (RSW  with BCCSW #10432)
  • Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Satir Transformational Family Therapy, CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing), Trauma Desensitization, Expressive Therapy, Reiki, and Somatic Transformation/Attachment and Regulation Therapy.

Julie Giroux, MEd, RCC


People often come to counselling at a time of significant challenge or feeling “stuck” about something in their life. A clinical counsellor provides a non-judgmental and trustworthy presence combined with the professional skills and experience to help you find ways to feel better and be more effective and confident in daily life. I specialize in working with adults and have experience working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

I have a special interest in working with individuals with insomnia, nightmares, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. I enjoy providing counselling to health professionals and know how particularly hard it can be for us to find time to take care of ourselves. I’m also inspired by working with people during life and relationship transitions and those seeking a new way forward in life.

My practice is currently full. Please contact me to be added to my waitlist. Existing clients, please reach out to book an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: I am providing in-person services on a very limited basis as clinically indicated with priority to existing clients. Wait times will be longer for those requiring in-person sessions.

For an introduction to my approaches to Mindfulness meditation, Self-compassion and Focusing visit my teacher page on the Insight Timer app.

My approach
I see the counselling relationship as a sanctuary for growth and healing. My counselling approach is based in evidence-based interventions including Mindfulness-based approaches, Somatic Experiencing, Focusing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Client-Centred practice and Feedback-Informed Therapy. Clients tell me that I’m a very good listener and provide a safe space to share their concerns. I enjoy continuing education, learning new skills, staying informed on the latest research and receiving feedback from my clients to continuously improve my effectiveness.
My services

Depending on your areas of concern, goals and preferences, our work together may: help you to clarify your understanding of a problem, develop skills to calm your mind and physiological reactivity, increase self-confidence, reduce stress, develop greater emotional awareness and self-regulation and more.

The following are examples of the types of problems I provide therapy for:

  • Anxiety & Panic
  • Recovery from trauma & PTSD
  • Depression and hopelessness
  • Insomnia & nightmares
  • Stress management
  • Relationship concerns
  • Physical symptoms affected by stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Adjusting to change & life transitions
  • Wellness & resiliency building
  • Telephone & Internet-based counselling
My credentials

I am an experienced Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the following education and speciality training:

  • Masters in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy (UToronto)
  • Bachelors in Occupational Therapy (UToronto)
  • Registered with the BC Association for Clinical Counsellors (BCACC)
  • Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher (UMass Medical School)
  • Post-graduate training in: Somatic Experiencing, Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Focusing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Flash Technique, EMDR and more.

Niki Allard, RCH

REGISTERED Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy draws from psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies.  We are constantly interpreting our experiences on two different processing levels.  We have our conscious, reflective, and deliberate processing.  Yet more importantly, we have our subconscious, automatic, emotion-driven processing.  This automatic processing level is primarily concerned with our safety; emotional, physical, and mental. It aims to keep us from uncomfortable and threatening situations. Given that our subconscious has something as fundamental as safety as its goal, most of our behaviour is motivated by this subconscious level.  

Through the mental trance state of hypnosis, we access and connect with our subconscious.  Hypnosis allows us to develop a tool for better understanding the deepest motivations for our behaviour. In turn, we can reshape and update self-views and worldviews that are no longer working in our favour.

I believe in investing in people. I consider it a privilege to be part of the journey in which people build self-awareness, self-efficacy, and self-esteem. I am humbled by the trust that my clients place in me.

To book an appointment, email nallardhypnotherapy@gmail.com.

My approach

My work as a hypnotherapist is the culmination of a love for philosophy, an interest in brain development, and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the society in which I live. I find hypnotherapy to be a dynamic, creative, and effective modality with which to work with people of all ages. My approach as a therapist is inspired by humanistic therapy, focussing on personal growth and the potential of all individuals.

One of my personal core values is intention. Acting with intention requires stillness, connectedness, and curiosity. The qualities found in being intentional are also found in hypnotherapy.

My services

All of my sessions are personalized and client centred.

Hypnotherapy with children: My philosophy when working with children is to “Play my way in”. Rapport is paramount in all therapeutic relationships and this is no exception when working with children. Children need to feel safe and trust both myself and the environment. I weave suggestive language, engaging movement, stories and art together to create a playful and positive experience for children.

Hypnotherapy with Teens: Rapport is paramount in all therapeutic relationships and this is no exception when working with teens. Teens often feel unsure of their place in society as they transition from childhood to adulthood. This is a very fruitful time to explore the subconscious and the beliefs and messages that are being formed.

Hypnotherapy with Adults: I am honoured to be a part of someone’s personal journey towards greater self awareness and personal growth. Once again, rapport is paramount in all therapeutic relationships. It is with a positive and trusting rapport, that change is possible. Regardless of your present obstacle (sleep, anxiety, relationships, addiction, emotional regulation, fears, etc.) hypnotherapy is a powerful and dynamic modality from which to gain self awareness and begin to positively move forward.

My credentials

I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Work at University of Victoria.

I was trained in Hypnotherapy at the Horizon Centre School of Hypnotherapy in Victoria, BC and am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with CACHE (Canadian Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists and Educators) 

I am involved in learning opportunities through the Institute of Child Psychology in Leduc, AB

I consider myself a life-long learner through reading, lectures, workshops and active curiosity.

Dr. Rachel Eni, PhD.

TCM Acupuncturist

Dr. Rachel Eni is a registered acupuncturist with specialties in pregnancy and maternal health, health impacts of stroke and chronic illnesses, and pain management. Rachel has been successfully diagnosing, treating and preventing illnesses successfully for more than 15 years.

Rachel graduated from TCM Acupuncture in 2014 and has since treated clients in Canada and Southeast Asia. Further, her treatment specialties include a line of gorgeous facial treatments, suitable for all ages and skin types. She coaches clients in lifestyle changes based on principles of health promotion and TCM exercise, nutrition and stress management. Fundamentally, her treatments are prepared to enable clients to sustain long lasting health benefits.

Click here to book an appointment online.

My approach

My approach to acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and techniques for a holistic diagnosis and treatment. As a therapist, I am interested in the nuances of your particular health and dis-ease profile. I have been studying TCM extensively for several years and am of the belief that, as a medical practice, it can be health enhancing, as well as life changing. Whether I am treating physical, mental or spiritual aspects of your health, in the clinic, I am unconditionally present and attentive to your needs.

My services

Initial Acupuncture               $135.00
Follow-up Acupuncture           95.00

Special Treatments:
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture   $140.00
DermaPen Micro-needling Facial    $320.00

Extended health, ICBC, etc. accepted.

My credentials
TCM Acupuncture Diploma 2014
Pregnancy and Childbirth Acupuncture Training 2015
PhD Community Health Sciences & Health Promotion 2005
MSc Family Social Sciences and Child Development 1998

Michele Walker, C.H.N.C, C.C.T

Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach, Reiki Master & Certified (Advanced Techniques) Crystal Therapy Practitioner

The core of my practice and passion for helping others began with a solid foundation of 23 years of service in the medical laboratory field and various other wellness and relationship focused roles throughout my career.

It’s important to trust and understand that you can indeed improve your well-being and small changes can add up to big shifts in our health and vitality. I believe in holding space for people while guiding and empowering them to become more informed about their health options, more involved in decisions made about their bodies and more capable of maintaining their own wellness.

To book an appointment call or text 250.888.7029 or email connect@gemmahealthandwellness.ca

My approach

The human body holds an inspiring and profound ability to heal and convalesce when nurtured with the proper encouragement and support. My approach is to gently empower you to tune into your body’s wisdom of balance and wholeness while providing you with holistic and practical guidance to achieve and maintain wellness. By focusing on mind, body and spirit connection and alignment, we can enjoy a healthy and joyful life. 

My services

Holistic Nutrition Counselling – Metabolic Balance® is an innovative, all natural, whole food-based nutrition and health program that helps to reset and re-balance your hormones and metabolism. The program consists of four Phases that include my Coaching and guidance to support you along the way. You will be given your very own unique food plan and program based on YOUR body needs scientifically created from 36 blood values, your personal health details, food likes and dislikes and your wellness goals. All of this information creates the basis of your individualized Metabolic Balance plan! As a result, the meal plan and the Coach guided program offers you support, security, and real prospects of success to help you achieve your personal goals when it comes to your metabolism, weight, and overall well-being. Prior to our consultation, I will send you intake and assessment forms to complete prior to our meeting. We can connect in person, by Zoom, telephone or by email. Let me know what works best for you.

Crystal Therapy & Reiki Healing – Crystal Therapy and Reiki are energy based modalities that work in synergy to aid the body to re-balance, facilitate the movement of stuck or stale energy, channel positive energy into your body and optimize your own natural healing ability and processes.Crystal and Reiki Therapy work within your subtle energy fields to restore balance and aid in overall healing and relaxation.

During our consultation, we will discuss your current health state, health history, desired healing outcome and/or concerns to create a personal wellness plan for you.

My credentials
  • Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach
  • Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach (C.H.N.C) Diploma from NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition.
  • Advanced Certified Crystal Therapy (Adv. C.C.T) Certification from International College of Energy Healing.
  • Reiki Master Certification from the International College of Energy Healing.

Maggie Kay, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

I approach therapy in a non-judgemental, compassionate way for all genders and ages. I especially enjoy supporting women in all aspects of life transitions starting from adolescence to motherhood and through menopausal changes. As a Registered Massage Therapist, I have had experience treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues. My priority of focus always begins with down-regulating the nervous system. This is a vital first step to assist with any issue regardless of depth of pressure needed in the treatment or modality used. Good communication and safe client centred care is my priority in all cases.

Book an appointment online.

My approach

It is my personal belief informed by evidence that we are physiologically affected by stress. Therefore, my first therapeutic objective is always on down regulating the nervous system. When this is achieved, deep work can begin to occur much more easily. Safe client centered care is the way I approach my work. I believe that you are a partner in therapeutic decision making about your own care, and it is very important that you feel comfortable both with me and the suggestions I may make to help you reach your treatment goals. This applies to level of pressure, areas treated, and specific technique used. I am here to support you on your journey. In recent years I have taken the first two levels of Upledger Craniosacral Therapy which is a subtle but powerful approach to the fascial system of the body. I tend to integrate this modality woven in with many other modalities including deep myofascial work, trigger point work, muscle energy technique and many other modalities I have been trained in over the years. So long as the approach works to achieve your treatment goals and benefits you it can be tailored to your treatment as needed and with your consent.

My services

I offer Registered Massage Therapy. Registered Massage Therapy involves the manipulation of muscular tissue as well as joints and ligaments including kneading, compression and mobilization to encourage local circulation, improve flexibility and reduce pain. This type of treatment has been proven to successfully decrease musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction that may have accumulated in the body as a result of poor biomechanics, repetitive strain, stressful life circumstances as well as injury Massage therapy has also been proven to directly reduce sympathetic nervous system firing (fight or flight) and effectively activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). Although every individual is different and there is no guarantee that Massage Therapy will provide the expected results, there is a strong body of evidence available to support that Massage Therapy with a practitioner that is appropriately suited to the client as well as the appropriate techniques applied for the circumstance result in significant measurable outcomes resulting in overall improvement in musculoskeletal function and significant pain reduction. Sessions include intake, assessment and treatment. Registered Massage Therapy is covered by most extended health plans.

My credentials

I am a Canadian Registered Massage Therapist registered in the province of British Colombia. I was granted my RMT license in November 2015 and have been practising under this title ever since. I graduated from the 2300-hour RMT diploma program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in August 2015.

Previous to that, I completed an initial 500-hour Certified Massage Therapy training in at the School of Healing Arts in San Diego California followed by extending into a 1000-hour Holistic Health Practitioner certification at the same institution between 1999-2004. In addition, I became certified through examination as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist in the USA in 2003, which made me eligible to practise Massage Therapy in any state. Currently I practise under the title RMT in BC and that is the only certification I practise under and maintain my registration with.

My approach

My practice is informed by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy and Narrative Therapy. Being able to connect with others and offer support is what draws me to this field.

I favour a strength-based approach that incorporates your inner resources as well as the ones surrounding you, such as nature, relationships and activities that fuel your mind, body and spirit.

I take an open, non-judgmental and empathetic stance and foster a collaborative environment in which we work together to explore your issues and work towards your goals.

My services

I provide counselling for youth (12+) and adults dealing with a variety of challenges and stressors, including life changes, symptoms of anxiety, depression, feelings of uncertainty, aimlessness and purposelessness. I also help couples navigate issues in their relationship by exploring more productive ways of communicating to help them strengthen their connection and commitment to each other.


My credentials
  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (Yorkville University)
  • Master in Communication Sciences (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Candidate in Social and Political Studies (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Volunteer at Esquimalt Neighbourhood House
  • Former youth group leader 

Joel Kroeker, RCC-ACS, MMT

Jungian Psychoanalyst / Registered Clinical Counsellor

I am a Jungian Psychoanalyst and a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) specializing in depth-oriented psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. I am also an authorized meditation instructor, a clinical supervisor (RCC-ACS) and the founding international workshop facilitator of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP). My clinical training includes a Phd-equivalent post-graduate program in Analytical Psychology and a graduate degree in music-centred psychotherapy.

My main interest is helping people rediscover deep meaning and re-connect with core life energy when faced with the difficulties of anxiety, depression, life transitions or trauma wounds. Jungian psychoanalysis is the process of restoring a healthy balance between unconscious and conscious parts of our total personality. It’s not about becoming perfect, but it is about our quest toward wholeness.

To book an appointment please email joelkroeker@hotmail.com 

My approach

Living a human life can be tremendously difficult and with a bit of the right support, it can also be a deeply engaging adventure and even filled with vital transformation. Together we can navigate this journey of the psyche by paying close attention to your dreams, internal resources that have been left behind and the images that arise in your life, both internally and externally. The result can be increased consciousness, more enjoyable relationships, a more flexible attitude to suffering, creative insight, a deeper sense of meaning and a profoundly healthier and fulfilling life. As Carl Jung succinctly stated, “those who look outside dream, while those who look inside awaken.”

My services

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) I offer a safe and supportive approach to help you explore the underlying meaning of your concerns including anxiety, depression, life transitions, relational wounding, trauma, loss of meaning in life, issues around spirituality and addictions.
I also offer Jungian Psychoanalysis, which is a depth-oriented confrontation with the unconscious that focuses on the deeper questions of “Who Am I?” and “What is the Meaning of my Wounds and Suffering that will not seem to heal on their own?”
As a certified Music-Centred Psychotherapist (MTA) with somatic training, I specialize in therapeutic moments when the words run out and we must instead bear witness together to that which lies beyond mere words.
I work with adults, couples and families and part of my clinical practice also includes working with children and youth.

My credentials
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)
  • Jungian Psychoanalyst (CGJI-Zürich)
  • Music-Centred Psychotherapist (MTA)
  • PhD-equivalent post-graduate training in Analytical Psychology
  • Masters in Music-centred psychotherapy (MMT)
  • Clinical Supervisor (RCC-ACS)
  • Certificate training from the San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Aboriginal Health Program
  • Specialized training in Sexual Harm and Trauma-informed practice
  • Founding international workshop facilitator of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP)

Lorilee Keller, MEd, RCC

Reiki Practitioner

I love working with the mind-body connection, helping clients learn more about the ways in which past experiences and trauma can be held in their nervous systems and energetic bodies. I am drawn towards intergenerational trauma or how pain and wounding may be carried by a parent and inherited by their children.  I believe trauma often shows up as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, numbness or feeling shut down as well as through patterns such as needing to be in control, perfectionism, self-criticism, people pleasing, difficulty with setting boundaries, and self expression. Regardless of the painful experiences that have brought you to seek support, I believe that somewhere inside you is the ability to access your “wise self,” or the part of you that desires healing and growth. Through my unique combination of clinical counselling, somatic therapy, and energy healing, I help my clients to shift deep-rooted patterns so they can feel more connected to themselves and others, less reactive and more able to slow down, be present, and take joy in the little things.  

I also have additional training in counselling and energy healing for reproductive mental health including infertility, pregnancy loss, birth trauma, and postpartum anxiety and depression as well as disordered eating and body image.

My approach

My holistic mind-body approach draws on mindfulness, visualization, somatic therapy, and breathwork as well as attachment-based therapy including internal family systems and inner child work. I also offer the unique option to integrate reiki energy healing with clinical counselling. Energy healing is founded on the belief that an energetic imprint happens when we interact with our environment and the people in it. The mind, body and spirit as well as our thoughts, feelings, and states of mind can all be understood as different forms of energy. Reiki helps my clients to clear energetic blocks held in the body including old wounds, traumas, fears, and limiting beliefs. 

My services

I offer counselling and reiki energy healing for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Infertility, pregnancy & postpartum, birth trauma
  • Life transitions
  • Parenting
  • Disordered eating and body image 
  • Perfectionism
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Self-expression
  • Sexual trauma
  • Pelvic pain and menstrual symptoms 


My credentials

I am a registered clinical counsellor with a Master’s In Counselling Psychology from UBC.

  • Bachelor’s of Psychology (UBC) and Masters in Counselling Psychology (UBC)

  • Registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (RCC with BCACC #15805)

  • Trained in Mindfulness Theory, Clinical Trauma Professional Training, Internal Family Systems, Intuitive Eating, Holistic Pelvic Care, and Reiki Energy Healing

What our clients are saying…

Kathlyn kind, personable and empathetic.

Kathlyn has been our family’s counsellor for about 5 years now and she has seen us through some tough parenting years and marriage issues. Also, she has seen each one of our kids individually and helped them navigate some difficult teen times. Our older daughter has anxiety, and Kathlyn has aided her in understanding herself and has made her transition to adulthood smoother. Both our boys have ADHD/Executive Function Disorder. Her skills as a counsellor have been able to help both our boys have a better grasp of their challenges, and thus succeed in school and life. She understands all of us individually, and is able to help us all communicate together and keep harmony in our home.


Each session, I leave feeling relaxed, revived and happy.

I have been receiving Reiki therapy sessions from Diana Johnson for awhile now. She is sincere, polite, experienced, capable and very approachable. I come to see her every 2 to 4 weeks and each session she helps to improve my health, so that I may have a better quality of life. Each session, I leave feeling relaxed, revived and happy. I always look forward to seeing her and receiving the best of care. I would highly recommend her as a Reiki Master and Healer.


Extremely healing and nurturing

Dorjee is a gifted, thoughtful, compassionate therapist. She has paid great attention to the massage space, the soft lighting, the ambience, very gentle quiet music; she also offers to change or stop the music if you so prefer. The massage space was very healing and inviting so I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. Dorjee is extremely kind, and it is clear that her inner strength, training, and positive self regard inform every aspect of her therapy; her confidence combined with gentleness are very uplifting. At the outset of the massage she offers whispered guidance to help you relax body and mind. Her words are few and very well placed. Her hands seem to naturally go to places of held pain, tightness or trauma. I left the appointment feeling like I had released an ancient burden, and felt as light as a feather, my aching back muscles completely decompressed. I am very grateful to have had a massage with Dorjee.


In Kathlyn I found a person I could trust to not judge

I have been a registered psychiatric nurse for 30 years and received a traumatic injury. I have seen Kathlyn for almost a year now to assist with my recovery. I found on my first interaction that Kathyln was a genuine real person that was not only extremely well versed in her field of practice, but in my opinion, was way ahead of her field and also very respectful of my experience as a RPN. In Kathlyn I found a person I could trust to not judge and know that she would give 100% honest feedback at all times. Kathlyn is truly a warm caring person that works extremely hard to help unravel the wreckage of our past and present. I would recommend Kathlyn to anyone that I know, and I have done so. In my opinion Kathlyn is a Rock Star in her profession.

~ BRAD ~

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