The Wheel of Life is a model that represents Balance.  It is comprised of 8 sections:

  1. Fun and Recreation,
  2. Personal Growth,
  3. Significant Other/Romance,
  4. Physical Environment,
  5. Career,
  6. Money,
  7. Health,
  8. and Friends & Family.

Each spoke of the wheel is vital to a thriving quality of life.

Any spoke that is diminished due to neglect will create a wobbly wheel.  You will be feeling that wobble in you life even if you are “killing it” in other areas.


Now You Try

Right now, I want you to draw a circle, divide it into 8 sections, and label them as above.

Take a moment to flesh out for yourself what each section really means to you.  For example, “Physical Environment” can include home, office, community (rural or urban).

Each section can usually be divided up into more specific elements.

Brainstorm all the meaningful aspects of each category.

Then, rate each section out of “10.”  1 being the lowest rating and therefore needing a lot of attention.

A rating of 10 would mean you are fully satisfied.  There are no identifiable tolerations in this area of your life to work on.  You have reached all the goals you have for this area until further notice.  This rating is very difficult to achieve so don’t feel badly if there are no areas of your life that rate this high.

Alternatively, do not be surprised if you have some highly rated areas of your life – and some very low ones.  This naturally happens if you are really focused on “nailing it” in some aspects of your life that are urgent or important.  This is when we are at risk of abandoning attention to the other areas.



Your Unique Wheel


This of course leads me to remind you that every person’s wheel is highly unique and customized.  It should be personalized according to your highest VALUES and NEEDS (which we will speak about next week).

This is probably a good time to say a few words to the “A-Type Personality” readers that may be sweating about their lopsided wheel.  Wheels are ever-changing and unfolding.  Ideally you would revisit your wheel several times a year.  Following the seasons, as a reminder of the necessary changes we need to make to conduct our lives based on our own cycles and rhythms.

Clients will often get discouraged by these “inconsistencies” in their attention to various aspects of their lives.

“Why can’t I be a 10 in all areas all the time?”

Or “It seems life I’m back at square one.”

Or “Why am I here – again?


Concentric Circles Overlapping Over Time


I imagine our lives as patterns of behaviour/feelings/states of being that are concentric circles overlapping over time.  In all our ways, we follow an every-unfolding (even eternal/infinite) pattern of cycles, repetitions, revisions and transformations.

We do not evolve in a straight line, and we never go backwards.

If we want to get into quantum physics, one could say our patterns have circular impacts that go in every direction over time (past, present, future).  This is a vast and complex topic, so likely we will “circle back” to it in future blogs.

Until then, fill out your wheel and see where you are thriving and where you may need a little TLC.

This is where yet another important concept begins to emerge: SMART goals.  If we are aiming for a balanced fulfilling Wheel of Life, we will need to set some goals to bring the lower scored spokes into alignment with our Values and Needs.

See how it all works together?









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