Are you still waiting to feel good?  While it is already March, with the Omicron wave of illness, the freedom trucker convoy, and now WAR, many of us are still wondering “when do I get to start this new year?  I had planned that this year would be a fresh start.”

In addition, there are still all the injustices, violence, losses, illness, and general soul depletion happening amidst the trauma highlighted and recounted continuously in the news.  Many of us are Waiting to Feel Good.  Some of us even proclaimed at the beginning of the new year, “I’m going to reclaim my life!”

How do we do this no matter what pandemonium, chaos and evil may be happening around us?

Feeling Welcomed, Appreciated, Valued, Loved


For some, this is all that is required to want to keep being here on this earth.  The question is:  Are you in situations or a context / doing things that will expose you to these experiences?  Are you involved in activities that will generate these feelings?  Look around at who surrounds you and interconnects with you throughout your day.  Are the people in your life prone to expressing these things?

Even if we are being a Rock Star (as I know many of you are), if we have surrounded ourselves with people who are unwilling or unable to express gratitude, appreciation and genuine pleasure about our existence in their lives it is unlikely we will be offered these sentiments for things we do or how we ‘perform’.  Ask yourself if you feel these things about your own way of being in the world.  Do you light up when you think about yourself?  I think we all long to be held in adoration (to be beloved) in someone else’s eyes and would likely do anything to achieve this.


  • Reflect on the context of your life = is it set up to give you this experience?
  • Are you engaged in your bodymind and in space and time to generate experiences and expressions of FEELGOOD?
  • Examine within and without – is there congruence between the two?  Are you prepared to receive these messages about yourself?  What is in the way or missing?  What are you already saying about yourself?  How are you behaving towards yourself?
  • When you connect with yourself in your bodymind, though do you FEELGOOD? Or are you depending on the world outside to fill in the gaps or even counteract the war you’re waging on yourself within?

Do you even know what makes you feel Welcomed, Appreciated, Valued and Loved?

If not, reflect on this first:

How do you express gratitude and love outwards into the world?  Do you shine the light of appreciation each day?  However, when feelings like gratitude and love are expressed to you, how do you receive them?  Do you welcome these offerings with open arms, or dismiss or even refuse and push them away?

We are all part of the circle of care, so we are all at once the receiver, sender, creator, and destroyer of these precious and alive vibrations of being that are simply passed around, nourishing us and our loved ones and making us FEELGOOD.  Passing it around, like Hot Potato.

Kathlyn McHugh RCC, RSW Counselling Practice takes place at the Vitality Clinic in the West Shore Area, close to Victoria BC.

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