This blog, Tolerations, is about exactly what it says:

Things we tolerate.  And why tolerating them sucks the life out of us.

Tolerations distract us.

Annoy and eat away at us.

They steal our focus, concentration, and inspiration.

They rob us of our creative spontaneous nature.




What are tolerations?

Let me count the ways: messy drawers, unanswered emails, procrastination of any kind, long to-do lists, old clothes hanging in the closet, friends that do not reciprocate, weeds in the garden, debt, neglected hair and nails, fitness goals that get put to the side, paint that is flaking, budgets ignored, impending deadlines, things simply left undone.

Everything that is out of place.

Everything that makes your stomach turn, knot or drop when you see or think about it.

It could be just about anything.


Tolerations – the Slow Drain of our Life Energy


Tolerations are like inefficiencies in our heating:  If we do not identify and rectify the slow drain of our life energy, we will be depleting our precious resources.

Look around right now:  Can you see something in your physical environment that you are tolerating?

Reflect now on what is important in your life that is being left to the side?

Ignored or unfinished?

What do you fantasize about being in order?

What are the loose ends in your life?




Homework – The Four Foundations


Review the following areas of your life to get answers to these questions:

Firstly, your Physical Environment,

next, your Health and Emotional Balance,

your Role and Relationship with Money,

and finally, your Relationships with Friends, Family, Community.


Draw a Mind Map or brainstorm your thoughts about these 4 foundations in your life.

These are the cornerstones that create the tone and substance of your existence.

What is needed or required to reduce the Tolerations?


This leads us to the Wheel of Life:  All the spokes of the wheel that are critical to our wellbeing and thriving need to be maintained just like our mechanical wheels.

We will delve deeper in next weeks’ blog.


Values and Needs


There are two more concepts that link these all together: Values and Needs.

It’s difficult to know what aspects of the Wheel of Life are missing or neglected, and what we are tolerating as a result if we are not crystal clear about what we Value and Need.

We will explore these in week 3 of “Back to life – Back to Reality” September.

Until then: Identify, reduce or eliminate as many tolerations as you can!

Your quality of life depends on it.













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