This weeks’ blog is about love, fear and manifestation.

There has been a growing sense of fear, sadness and anger – of being trapped in whatever life you are in.

Increasing polarization of the privileged and the disenfranchised.  Social disconnect, increasing difficulty getting basic needs met, and clarity of vision and purpose slipping.  A growing sense of “I am not safe.”

We are vulnerable and it creates a panic.  Ethics are getting muddy – it feels violent, and we have to be guarded to protect ourselves from the overwhelm.

It would seem that fear is an appropriate emotion and response.  But what is nature’s remedy?

“I Do Matter”

One source of fearful emotions that keeps us paralyzed is the thought, “I don’t matter.”  And yet, it’s critical that we understand and believe that “I do matter.”

The vibration of chaos we all feel is also arising from the core of the earth – and wind, sky, and sea.  The increasing complexity is creeping up on us and the “I matter” is trembling in our bellies.

We are making history now – creating what will be.

Let’s pause and consider what we want to create.  What ingredients will we choose:  Love or fear?


Two Main Energy Types – Love and Fear

There are only two main energy types: Love and Fear.  They are mutually exclusive.  The opposite of fear is JOY.  The same energy that is holding your body together, holds everything else together.  That energy is the glue of the universe that contains all of the information that was and ever will be.

Ancient knowledge claims this glue is love.  And now, science and metaphysics are able to demonstrate how this is true.

Align yourself with the divine and you will be connecting with the most powerful energy in the universe.

But what happens when we allow fear to take over?  If love and fear are incompatible, then when we are in fear we cannot be in love.  While fear is information for us to pay attention to, and then act on to protect, or be proactive to prevent a problem, if we align with it, we are not in synch with the rhythm of the universe.


Fear Cuts us Off from Other Feelings

Even more critically when we are focusing on the information fear has for us, we become cut off from the other feelings.  We become distanced from love.  This makes it harder to resolve the source of the fear.

For example, in a relationship when there is a problem often the emotion in charge is fear.  Fear of rejection, abandonment, loss.  This is when fear is not your friend.

In relationships, fear will block the love that is the antidote to the problem.

When in fear we forget that we matter.  That we are part of the abundance in the universe, held together with the glue of love.  We forget to speak out loud what we need.  Fear separates us from the capacity to receive love and the truth that is our birthright.


Take Charge and Shift your Focus from Fear to Love

It is increasingly coming to light that consciousness is also made of that glue called love.  If it is true that we are creations of consciousness, then it means we are partners in creation.  How we pay attention and perceive reality affects reality.

Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to take charge of this process?

What lens are you using – love or fear? 

How might your reality shift if you were to wear the lens of love?

What fears are getting in the way?

Your energy/thoughts (love or fear) manifest physically because all things arise from consciousness.

What you think is who you are – every thought you have will become your reality.

Whatever you have already manifested in your life.  It is a reflection of your past energy/thoughts.

What do you want to manifest?

How do you need to shift your focus from fear to love?

What might arise if you do this?





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