I’ve recently talked to several clients who are independent, intelligent and spiritually powerful people. They spoke about issues and concerns that made me pause. And in light of these conversations and the recent challenging times, I’d like to explore how to deal with worry.

Pausing and reflecting on how to deal with worry

One of the topics was the recent “heat dome” (referring to experiencing extreme drought and a warmer atmosphere). When and why did we stop talking about this phenomenon? Also, is everyone just over the pandemic? Have we paused long enough to ponder what the hell just happened? Or is it possible that because there is a war on, it is shrinking the magnitude of the collective trauma we have been stuck in?

Marching on like good soldiers

My thinking is we are frozen and simply numb. I don’t think the thaw has begun. How much can we continue to march on steadily like good soldiers until we collapse? How do we hold the magnitude of what has happened and is continuing to unfold? Someone recently revealed they are certain that Earth as we know it will die in their lifetime.

Nightmares and flashbacks

It led me to remember all of the surreal dreams I have had over the years.

Things like the death of our world, the moon exploding, or the sun dropping out of the sky. All I can do in those dreams is hold my breath, close my eyes and hold onto someone for dear life, just waiting for it all to end.  

Another dream was about a wolf’s growl surging as I approach the opening of a dark cave. It leads to the paradise of lake and mountain, where the eagle soars and watches over it all. He did not want me to broach and inhabit this place of wonder. It was sacred and not for me.

The Earth, our bodies, families and each other

Are we experiencing paralysis or failure to cope? Do we know how to think, live, and survive? Have we forgotten how to be human or what that means anymore? 

We have been so busy worrying about whether we are special that we fail to protect the fundamentals of life itself. And by fundamentals, I refer to Earth, our bodies, our families, and each other.

Finding the antidote

A few days after I wrote all of this, I was still struggling with the depressing and desperate tone of this piece. I wondered what the antidote could be.

Then, I heard a voice from the past. It was likely a song from Disney or Sesame Street singing sweetly, “always have a song in your heart”. I understood it to mean keeping a tune close to your lips, whistling, humming, or singing a little ditty in your head.

That started me thinking about toning or tuning, an ancient method of shifting our mind/heart space. It is used during meditation, prayer, and chanting. Individually or in groups, it can transform the vibration of your thoughts and feelings. Soon your body feels different. The sound starts resonating in our bodies and echoes outwards from there. You can attune to the earth, the group, or a specific idea, spiritual or otherwise. 

Changing your tune

Kind of like that old admonishment, “you better change your tune”. If the only thing we can do sometimes is singing a little song, why not? Imagine the power we have to change ourselves and our world with vibration in the form of music! What a beautiful thing.

Tune in to your best self for a better world

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