Before I begin about Collective Consciousness and the pandemic, I wanted to introduce myself and my blog. I have been a therapist my entire adult life; listening to people’s stories and being transformed by them.  I have felt a calling to share some of my reflections on this process…

My whole life I’ve written things down, my thoughts, feelings, events, stories and poems.  I’ve written about my dreams for the future and my to do list.  Now, as part of my practice, I write down the few nuggets of thousands of peoples’ lives in order to accurately capture my experience of them that day.

As I often say to clients, I hold them and their stories in my heart and mind.  By holding those stories inside of me, new thoughts, feelings, dreams and narratives emerge.  I feel drawn to sharing those new thoughts with you.  All throughout the pandemic I’ve been having the urge to communicate to a larger audience than myself.  I have sensed the need to connect the dots of these experiences and extend the conversation beyond the walls of my office.

It has felt important to follow the threads of thought for myself and my clients to understand what is happening.  Too many of us have felt alone, a little crazy and very often confused.  I want to reach out to you.

I want this weekly blog to be a catalyst for growth through reflection and dialogue.  Dialogue that you carry through to your thoughts and conversations with friends, colleagues and family.


Building the Collective Consciousness

My goal is to create a narrative in a novel way for the explicit intention of building the collective consciousness.  The collective consciousness is always in continuous formation.  All of the information that was or ever will be is at once in our DNA and also in the galactic particles – in space itself.  This intersubjective field is all around and within.  My hope is to start to name what emerges in my consciousness to make explicit what I think may also be stirring within and around us all.  In this way we can grow from what we know.

The Mystification Effect of the Pandemic

I wanted to express my concern about the Mystification Effect of the pandemic.  Here is an example of the Mystification Effect:

Everything is fine, but you know it's not

Did you ever experience this in your family when you were a child?  You know that stuff is happening, but you don’t know what it is?  Everyone is saying “Everything is Fine!”, and you know it’s not and it makes you feel crazy.  What is the truth?  What is real?  This situation creates a mistrust within us and between us and the rest of the world.

This is happening now.  It may feel as if there is no ground to hold us.  In these situations, it sets us up for collective dissociation.  Like being in a trance that separates us from ourselves and others and further  disconnects us from the truth of our inner knowing.  It separates us from the Collective Consciousness.

Is it time we all find our ground?  What is true and solid for us?  What do we know for sure?  How do we know when something is real for us?  What happens in our body when we break out of the trance and get clarity and sanity?

Just Start

I need to say something about procrastination and perfectionism:  Don’t wait until the answer is fully formed in your mind – when the song has been written or the puzzle is complete before you start.  Just start.  You do have all the information and answers in you but you need the momentum of action to get the flow in motion.  Something completed is better than nothing perfectly incomplete.  We all have something inside us waiting to emerge if we just take a breath and leap into the moment with who we are and present what we have.


Tah-da!  Just like when we were kids…