Choosing Me?  How to reclaim your life and make it yours?  Wrap your day in love and care:  book-end it for thriving.  Open and close your day with intention.

Keep in mind, people who see you as an extension of themselves will not appreciate this process necessarily, but that’s another topic for another day.

Nonnegotiable Boundaries

There is a season for all things: work, social, and alone time.  A sense of direction and rhythm for all things important to us.  The pacing of this rhythm can be invigorating vs. draining. But you need to have some nonnegotiable boundaries.

For example:

End work at a specific time each day that allows for “Life” to happen.

Book days off work in anticipation of Life.

Eat one healthy meal each day.

Limit coffee to one cup.

Go to bed by 10pm each night.

Do your best work first thing each day!

Do your most important activity during your highest energy time each day…

…that sort of thing.

Book-end Your Day – Choosing Me

One way to take charge of your life in a very real and logistical way is to harness the time you have control over.  Once you leave your home for work and engage in the work day, you have entered the chaos of the world.  You may or may not have trained and prepared to thrive in this world.  What would it be like if you book-end your day with a morning and evening routine that was geared to prepare you to thrive?

Imagine setting aside one hour on each end of your day to unwind/wind up, set intentions, integrate your self-care nuances, and level up with cutting edge activities designed to maximize your health and personal effectiveness.

What could that look like if you really honed the most important times of each day?

How life might be enriched if you book-ended each day with attention to detail?  What if you could slide smoothly, quietly, and deftly into your bed and slumber?  Imagine the luxury of putting yourself to sleep the way you might a baby?

Set the Stage – Choosing Me

One hour before your head hits the pillow – Set the Stage:

Turn the lights down low and dim.

Change the thermostat to less than 68 F (20 C).

Make sure the sounds and atmosphere of your surroundings are mellow and quiet.

No more work.

No more phone or computer unless you’re using an app that contributes to your easing into sleep – and make sure to wear blue light glasses.

Take any supplements with some water and curl up with some sleep inducing tea.

Draw yourself an Epsom salt and Lavender bath (or other relaxing essential oils) or have a soothing shower.

Defuse or sprinkle your favourite oil in your sleep space.

Take care of all your hygiene needs before nestling in to address your mind and spirit.

Let go of any last minute worries, fears, or concerns in a journal.  Reflect on the highlights of the day and record anything important to return to in the morning.

Lose yourself in some light or inspiring reading and record anything you want to ponder more tomorrow.

Take a few minutes to do some relaxation exercises: progressive muscle relaxation, body scan, deep breathing, guided imagery.  Meditate/pray/luxuriate in the comfort of your sheets, blankets, pillows and any bed companions that join you.

Say any last minute whispers of love and appreciation to yourself and/or your companions/the universe.

Drift off…


Choosing Me In the Morning

Greet the day with commitment.  Mentally note the progression of your next hour.  Get out of bed immediately – never hit snooze and allow one full hour from waking to leaving the house.

Open the blinds or curtains (or even step outside) and allow the full exposure of sunlight to hit the retinas of your eyes.

Cue the circadian rhythms of your body to initiate wakefulness.

Drink some water, fuel as needed, take your supplements, and put on clothing well-suited for movement.

Have an inspiring space dedicated to imagining, creating, and evolving your self and your world.  Choose from a variety of activities: meditate, deep relaxation exercises, prayer, mantras, set intentions, sing/hum/chant, reflect, read, write, track your gratitude.

Focus on and write down what is most important to you for a. that day, b. that week, c. that month.  Be able to see at a glance what your goals are for the year in words and pictures.  Choose 3 things you want to accomplish that day.

Visualize the optimal day you are preparing to create and experience.

Choose from some movement options: walking, stretching, yoga, or more vigorous exercise (whatever you like or have time for).  Complete the morning with your self-care/hygiene routine and organizing the things you need to go out into the world – ready for it and fully conscious!
















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