Boredom creates the imaginal space to daydream which is where manifesting begins. It is where creation starts.

What do you want to create?

These Moments of Boredom Opened Up Portals

When I was little, I had vast periods and space to think, ponder, imagine, and vision.

While in these reveries, I would often notice the intricacies of life going on around me:

The quiver of a spider web heavy with dew;

… a ladybug trekking determined over large blades of grass;

… birds playing in the wind.

These moments opened up portals of creativity to explore the “what ifs” of fantasy, mysteries of the universe, and developed curiosity that is seemingly boundless

We Need to make Space for Creativity in our Lives

Many of us would say as adults, I don’t have time to “watch paint dry.”

I believe that if we don’t make space for this in our lives, we will lose the ability to think critically.

Moreover, I would go so far to say that our planet’s survival depends on getting back to boredom and daydreaming.For this to happen, we need to be aware of the spaces in our lives. And how we fill those spaces mindlessly.

Look around.  See how many people are just being.

A Great Cost to the Quality of their Life

What I’ve noticed is that when there is a lag in action or conversation, people will immediately turn to their phone (or other device).  They give their attention away for free.

Well actually, at a great cost to their quality of life.

And the life of this planet.

All those moments we aren’t pondering, imagining, or visioning; we are losing ground on the solutions required for life to continue. When I say “life” I don’t just mean globally.

I also mean your life.


Stop.  Right now, stop reading this.


Look all around you.

Orient to the place you are.

Notice with your ears, eyes, nose, feel your immediate surroundings.

Now pay attention to what you notice and how it affects you.

How you respond to what you notice.

And where your mind takes you as you allow your senses to orient and meander, your mind will also begin to ease into a freedom.

Released from the tyranny of mindless focus.

The cramming of indiscriminate information and continuous processing.

Or really,

…the NOT-Processing.

What Does your Mindbody Really Want to Create?

If you could dream up an imaginary world right now, what would you create?

What would you want to rest your mind on?

Notice what your eyes want to rest on as you orient and then see what imagery, thoughts or sensations arise. This may give you clues about what your mindbody really wants to create. Give yourself the gift of space to wander your own imagination and see what arises.

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