I have been thinking a lot about why mental health is on the decline and the connections between biorhythms and mental health.  I would seem obvious in many ways but I always like to look deeper.  Why is it that a person can have everything they need or want but can still be riddled with anxiety and depression?

I talk frequently with clients about rhythms – finding one and maintaining a rhythm physically and psychically is vital to our health and wellbeing.  But Why?

Everything in the universe is held together like glue with a synchronous rhythm that is not matter or even energy – but a kind of self-regulation.  It is what creates the wholeness of nature including ourselves.  This regulation requires certain conditions to maintain itself.  For example, only a 2 degree change in water temperature kills the coral reef in the vast and mighty ocean.  In the human body, 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 Degrees Celsius) is fine, but at 95 degrees hypothermia starts to set in.

Perhaps the psychic temperature has dipped below what is tolerable for us?  If nature is dysregulated and we are nature, then it makes sense that our mental health is declining.

What do you need to maintain your rhythm?  What biorhythms already exist in your life?  How can you nurture and feed them?

I listened to the low hum of the blades of grass…

Over 6 years ago I had major surgery.  I was under anesthetic for more than 12 hours.  I think I could have died but nobody confirmed this.

I was desperate to leave the hospital as I knew in my bones I could not/would not recover there.  For four weeks, I did not watch a movie or a show, I did not read a book.  I sat outside and drank in the biorhythms all around me. I listened to the low hum of the blades of grass as they swayed in the gentle wind.  I watched the air move the clouds around the sky.  I invited the bees, the hummingbirds and the dragonflies to commune with me and keep me company.

The aliveness and the undulating sway of nature all around me seemed to attune with me at a cellular level – almost the way a mother rocks her baby to the beat of her heart.  This cradling I experienced in my yard carried me through the healing and recovery so quietly and profoundly.

Could this be some medicine that we all need so desperately now?  How can you attune to a rhythm in your life?  How does nature reach out to you?  how can you allow nature to connect with you and receive the medicine it holds for you?




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