Have you ever wondered what is the difference between ‘being’ and ‘becoming’? 

Becoming is not static, nor something that you arrive at. It is an ever-unfolding and organic process without an agenda or judgement.

Essentially, wherever you are now, your being, is exactly where you are supposed to be. Becoming allows for continuous change – in direction, purpose, method and rationale. It is ultimately and completely adaptable. Yet, with the art of manifestation, you may be able to pursue an ideal you are wanting to attain.

The pursuit of happiness and the storm within

Many clients talk about the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is a feeling – not a state of being and certainly not a state of becoming. We often get caught up in cycles of desires, longing and contentment. When we are able to live in those moments of contentment, periods of time that get deeper, longer in duration, and more frequent over time (if we’re lucky).

But we need to be alert to those moments of happiness. To capture them and savour their sweet flavour and allow the feeling to caress us, as long as it will last. Because it never does.

Unfortunately, we often do the opposite: something upsetting occurs. Something that stirs the inner river in our core. It creates a storm within. We participate in the brewing of it by ruminating and swimming in it longer than required to learn from it.

Then we miss the moments of happiness. Those fluttering instances when the sun seems dim because we are wrestling below the surface with our own inner storm.

Riding the river

If we ride the metaphorical river on top of the rapid, we would allow it to carry us through life and fluidly meet each experience directly. Then, we would be ready to receive life as it greets us around each bend.

Perhaps then we would be ready for the unexpected. Adept at negotiating a friendly relationship with what life carries us through, welcoming rather than reacting to it.

But, what if every problem was like a rock or log or fish in the water? And instead, it helps guide our travels down the river.

What if our identities (which we work so hard to create and then resent when they are not working for us), were just like the leaves that fall into the river in autumn?

These fallen leaves, our temporary identities, are merely just the evidence of the season or the stage of life you are in.

They are an extension of the tree (your core being), only meant to help it for a time to stay alive but always meant to be shed at intervals.

Who would you be without your identity?

Who could you become if you allowed yourself to move into that fluid space of movement in alignment with the rest of the alive world?

Where could you travel if you did not resist the river of life?

Instead, embrace the pull and allow curiosity and acceptance to take over. Permit yourself to shift into receiving mode.

What would you want to receive?

Practicing the art of manifestation

I want to clarify something that comes up sometimes around ‘receiving’. (Attention followers of The Secret and those who practice manifesting!)


We are very nearly always manifesting. It just isn’t often conscious, aware, and honest.

While we have the capacity to receive all the abundance we could ever need or want, most of us are not clear-minded or honest enough to ask for what we need or want.

Or believe that we actually can receive this.

Many people will say, “I want wealth and to be rich” and then go on to describe the Jimmy Choo shoes they covet. 

But if you really press and probe, the kind of richness they crave and seek have nothing to do with shoes at all. And they have not done anything to generate wealth or prosperity.

We participate in the being and becoming all around us. And this plays a vital and critical role in what and how we become.

It’s not enough to be open to receiving. We also need to participate, be in a relationship with our seen and unseen world, and GIVE.

The art of manifestation and beyond

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